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Lawrence Chai

Professional Business Consultant who specialize in Accounting, Taxation and Secretarial industry.

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Name: Lawrence Chai
Location: Singapore
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Lawrence is the consultant who knows how to maximize your business value. He has a knack for knowing how to get you the best valuation and find the right buyer. If you are looking to acquire another player in the market, he has your back and is ready to support you all the way. He is Lawrence Chai, the number one consultant and now business broker in the industry.



When Lawrence first began, he started out as an auditor with a passion for helping others. Like many other success stories, Lawrence had to work hard to get to where he is today. He got his start working for the likes of Baker Tilly and LTC LLP until he realised that he wanted to accomplish so much more.

During his time at Baker Tilly, Lawrence was committed to working hard and getting to know the industry inside out. He was involved in the audit process of both listed and non-listed companies across various industries. He was also involved in a lot of business advisory work while he was there. This gave him the opportunity to do due diligence reviews for both local and overseas companies. He even gained experience in special investigation engagements.

Lawrence also gained experience with LTC LLP, an affiliate of the BKR International firm in Singapore. His early years opened the door for many opportunities, especially where auditing experience was concerned. By the time he was ready to branch out on his own, Lawrence had already gained auditing experience with listed companies in Singapore, Malaysia, China, and several other regional countries. Through his LTC LLP experience, he gained insight into a wide range of industries for listed and non-listed companies. This includes fields like manufacturing, trading, retailing, hospitality, construction, water treatment plants, hypermarket, non-profit organization, software engineering, property development and investment holdings.

Lawrence embarked on his career journey with 3E Accounting in 2011, contributing significantly to its growth and evolution over the years. By 2020, under Lawrence’s leadership, the firm had expanded significantly. However, despite these achievements, the business faced challenges, prompting Lawrence to make the difficult decision to divest and sell his stake in the firm.

Recognizing the need for a fresh perspective and new opportunities, Lawrence left 3E Accounting in 2020 amid challenging business conditions. Subsequently, he seized the opportunity to join the Antler programme in 2022, a prestigious platform known for nurturing and empowering aspiring entrepreneurs. Here, he further refined his entrepreneurial skills, expanded his network, and gained invaluable insights into the dynamics of entrepreneurship.

Following his stint with Antler, Lawrence redirected his focus towards becoming a business broker, specializing in facilitating the acquisition and sale of accounting and secretarial firms. Leveraging his extensive expertise in corporate services, taxation, GST, auditing, financial due diligence, as well as business and technology advisory, Lawrence emerged as a trusted consultant with a profound understanding of the regional market landscape.

If you’re seeking a partner who shares your passion for success and possesses a track record of driving impactful outcomes in the corporate arena, Lawrence is the ally you need by your side. With his comprehensive skill set and unwavering commitment to excellence, Lawrence stands poised to guide you towards achieving your business objectives and navigating the complexities of the digital economy with confidence.

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Corporate Services, Taxation Services, GST Services, Auditing Services, Financial Due Diligence, Business and Technology Advisory and The Digital Economy

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Lawrence is a Consultant with regional experience in the field of corporate services, taxation services, GST services, auditing services, financial due diligence, business and technology advisory and the digital economy.

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