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Professional Business Consultant who specialize in Accounting, Taxation and Secretarial industry.

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Name: Lawrence Chai
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The Man Behind the Success
Lawrence is the consultant who knows how to maximize your business value. He has a knack for knowing how to get you the best valuation and find the right buyer. If you are looking to acquire another player in the market, he has your back and is ready to support you all the way. He is Lawrence Chai, the number one consultant and now business broker in the industry.



The Early Years
When he first began, Lawrence started out as an auditor with a passion for helping others. Like many other success stories, Lawrence had to work hard to get to where he is today. He got his start working for the likes of Baker Tilly and LTC LLP until he realised that he wanted to accomplish so much more.

During his time at Baker Tilly, Lawrence was committed to working hard and getting to know the industry inside out. He was involved in the audit process of both listed and non-listed companies across various industries. He was also involved in a lot of business advisory work while he was there. This gave him the opportunity to do due diligence reviews for both local and overseas companies. He even gained experience in special investigation engagements.

Lawrence also gained experience with LTC LLP, an affiliate of the BKR International firm in Singapore. His early years opened the door for many opportunities, especially where auditing experience was concerned. By the time he was ready to branch out on his own, Lawrence had already gained auditing experience with listed companies in Singapore, Malaysia, China, and several other regional countries. Through his LTC LLP experience, he gained insight into a wide range of industries for listed and non-listed companies. This includes fields like manufacturing, trading, retailing, hospitality, construction, water treatment plants, hypermarket, non-profit organization, software engineering, property development and investment holdings.

All of this experience and more would become the key driving factor to Lawrence success and the success of 3E Accounting, a company he proudly started in 2011. Over the years, he has built a name for himself and cemented his company – 3E Accounting – as the number one company incorporation specialist in Singapore and the rest of Asia.

During his time running the most successful accounting firm (3E Accounting) in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Indonesia, Lawrence also built a network of over 80 countries worldwide.

Branching Out and Expanding Horizons
Once 3E Accounting was successfully up and running, it wasn’t long before it gained momentum. The success rates just kept on rolling from that point onward. In 2014, just three years after setting up his company, Lawrence’s performance and track record was so strong that it was time to expand abroad.

In 2014, Lawrence welcomed 3E Accounting Malaysia into the family, the first overseas office. All of this was thanks to his extensive experience and aptitude for business success. Since they opened their doors, 3E Accounting Malaysia has been supporting clients and helping them build their Malaysian business dreams.

Fast-forward two years into 2016, Lawrence would have another milestone under his belt. This was the year he championed the establishment of 3E Accounting International. The idea behind this was to offer services that went beyond excellence. Lawrence believed this could be done through a well-connected global accounting network. He was right.

Today, 3E Accounting International is the largest home-grown global accounting network with an impressive international presence in more than 80 countries worldwide. Good knowledge within the local jurisdiction, a strong professional background, and trusted experience were all key factors that led to the success of 3E Accounting International.

Never wanting to be a slacker, Lawrence worked hard to build a core team of highly experienced professionals with experiences as extensive as his own. His team now comprises experts in financial tax, corporate tax, advisory, and regulatory regimes. To this day, 3E Accounting has proudly served a very happy client-base of over 4,000 companies and start-ups. Not surprisingly, this number only continues to grow every year.

Investing In A Smarter-Nation Future
Having established 3E Accounting as the largest home-grown global accounting network, Lawrence continues channeling his passion in innovation and technology to design and develop cutting-edge automated solutions that will re-engineer traditional business processes as Singapore moves towards a Smart Nation.

In support of the Professional Services Industry Transformation Map (ITM), Lawrence set up the Digital Research and Development team in 3E Accounting. He is leading the team and guiding them toward the formulation of a Digital Master Plan to map out the digital transformation of the business.

Among the key areas that the team will be focusing on include new growth areas in robotic business automation (RPA), Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI). With these advanced applications, Lawrence aims to deliver customised business advisory and cloud-based solutions to give clients that digital advantage and significant competitive edge.

The satisfaction and success of all of its clients remains 3E Accounting Group’s key focus. In setting up the Digital Research and Development team , Lawrence has effectively anticipated changing client needs and service gaps brought about by Industry 4.0. The pioneer in-house team has developed several firsts, a Financial Statement robot, and next-gen bookkeeping robot project in partnership with the Singapore Institute of Technology.

A Business Broker to Be Reckoned With
Over the course of the next few years, Lawrence would go on to dabble in all matters relating to the accounting and business field. In doing so, he has built quite a repertoire and a name for himself. His extensive range of experience covers everything from being an auditor, a consultant, a company secretary, a tax agent and more.

With nowhere else to go but up, Lawrence has now expanded his skills and experiences even further. He is now a business broker specialising in the buying and selling of accounting firms, tax firms, and secretarial firms worldwide.

Accomplishing All His Dreams and More
His hard work certainly didn’t go unrecognised. Lawrence successfully bagged several recognition and achievement awards for all of his contributions to both society and the industry.

Among some of his impressive achievements include getting featured regularly on media from Singapore Business Review to The Straits Times and radio interviews on Capital 958FM, 883 JiaFM and a firm believer in Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance, and more.

A true testament to both his talents and his leadership capabilities. His positive media presence and ESG commitment has only reinforced 3E Accounting Group as a trusted, reliable and responsible corporate citizen and global firm.

A 10-Year Anniversary to Remember
With the 10-year anniversary of the 3E Accounting group coming up, Lawrence has got something up his sleeve. He plans to create Singapore’s first ever SME Robotics Accounting Firm. The inspiration behind this? None other than the COVID-19 pandemic.

Where others saw a pandemic, Lawrence saw an opportunity not to be missed. The pandemic brought about an unprecedented global economic crisis not seen for generations. But it has presented untapped business opportunities for entrepreneurs like Lawrence who nurtures a start-up mindset of nimbleness, flexibility and innovation.

Instead of worrying about trying to keep his business running, Lawrence channeled all that energy into a new idea. It is exactly this approach that has kept 3E Accounting going for as long as it has. In an increasingly fast paced and uncertain business environment, this start-up mindset has enabled 3E Accounting Group to grow from strength to strength, and be at the forefront of the industrial revolution, differentiating ourselves from industry peers and maintaining a competitive advantage, as well as creating and being ready to seize new opportunities.

As the world continues to move forward after the pandemic, Lawrence does too. He is building his very own data centre and will grow the Digital R&D Team into a next-gen Technology Division reporting to the Chief Technology Officer. In the days ahead, 3E Accounting Group will continue charting our growth across new services, products and geographical markets, as Lawrence stays true to maintaining a start-up mindset of nimbleness, flexibility and innovation.

Succession Plan
In 2020, Lawrence relinquished his position of 3E Accounting Group in line with the Company’s succession plan. After 10 years building 3E Accounting to what it is today, it is finally time for Lawrence to move on to bigger projects and achievements. His goals moving forward will be to focus on be professional business brokers and to consolidate the accounting practices worldwide. In doing so, Lawrence hopes to help them to digital transformation.

Yes, Lawrence is truly an inspiration to all entrepreneurs around the world. He is a testament to what hard work, commitment, dedication, and passion will do. Throw in a relentless need to keep making the world and industries better and you have the winning formula for success, as Lawrence has clearly proved.

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Lawrence is a Consultant with regional experience in the field of corporate services, taxation services, GST services, auditing services, financial due diligence, business and technology advisory and the digital economy. If you share the same passion and desire for success, then Lawrence is the partner that you need on your side.

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Corporate Services, Taxation Services, GST Services, Auditing Services, Financial Due Diligence, Business and Technology Advisory and The Digital Economy

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Lawrence is a Consultant with regional experience in the field of corporate services, taxation services, GST services, auditing services, financial due diligence, business and technology advisory and the digital economy.

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